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A recent independent study led by Dr. Maureen Weiss, an expert in Positive Youth Development, found that Girls on the Run’s intentional life skills curriculum and highly trained coaches positively impact girls’ lives by helping them increase their self-confidence and ability to develop healthy relationships.  Teachers routinely offer feedback that participation in the program increases academic performance and improves classroom behavior. Ninety-seven percent of participants said they learned critical life skills including managing emotions, intentional decision making, resolving conflict and helping others.  

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Girls on the Run is an Affiliate Council of Girls on the Run International, which has a network of over 200 councils across the United States and Canada.


Program Design:

The Girls on the Run curriculum is based on experiential learning activities designed to teach participants about topics related to self-respect and healthy living. All classes are taught by certified Girls on the Run coaches.

  • Each meeting begins with a getting-on-board and warm up activity designed to focus on the day's topic.
  • The warm-up is followed by a stretching routine that allows for topic-related question and answer time.
  • Then, during the workout period, the girls participate in a variety of running activities that are camouflaged in a game or team goal. Afterwards, cool-down stretching is then combined with participant asked and answered questions.
The ten weeks flow in a manner that starts with the individual and ends with community:

Weeks 1-4: Understanding self and setting personal goals.

Weeks 5-8: Learning about how to get along in a group.

Weeks 9-10: Examining each girl's responsibility to the community.